Enhancing Guest Experience: WhatsApp-365Villas Integration

Sep 13, 2023 | Integrations

We have just added WhatsApp for Business to our platform to continue enhancing property managers’ and guests’ experiences.

Now, WhatsApp Business smoothly connects with 365Villas, simplifying how property managers and guests communicate and offering guests an intuitive platform to reach property managers with ease.

Benefits of the WhatsApp-365Villas Integration

1. Streamlining Communication and Boosting Efficiency

With the WhatsApp integration, property managers can leverage automated messages, providing pre-arrival information and check-out reminders. Additionally, our unified inbox allows you to view all messages sent through different channels in one place, saving time and resources and increasing productivity by up to 300 percent.

2. Collecting Email Addresses for Channel Bookings

In the realm of channel bookings, obtaining guest email addresses can pose challenges due to platform restrictions. However, thanks to the WhatsApp-365Villas integration, property managers can now gather essential contact information more efficiently, enabling them to craft personalized email marketing campaigns and enhance guest engagement.

3. Meeting WhatsApp-Dependent Regions’ Needs

In countries like Thailand, Bali, India, and Brazil, WhatsApp reigns supreme as the primary communication channel. Our integration acknowledges this preference, offering real-time WhatsApp messages to ensure a stress-free guest experience in these regions.

4. Convenient for Global WhatsApp Users

Men showing a WhatsApp Messenger icon

Property managers can now connect directly with guests who prefer using WhatsApp as their main messaging app, making it easier for guests from around the world to communicate effortlessly.

5. Meeting Millennials’ Preferences

Millennials expect quick and easy communication, and that’s where the WhatsApp-365Villas integration also shines, keeping this segment satisfied by ensuring they have a great travel experience.

Here at 365Villas, we’re all about using technology and excellent service to help property managers run operations smoothly, grow their businesses, and improve guest satisfaction. Want to see how this integration can boost your property management success? Let’s chat! Schedule a free demo today.