Ways Property Software Boosts Profit and Productivity

Jun 19, 2019 | 365Villas News

Managing properties can be challenging for even the most organised among us. Luckily, good rental property software can help you keep on top of things and boost your profit and productivity. Here are just a few ways it can do this:

Automated messaging

If there’s one surefire way to boost your productivity, it’s by having software answer messages for you. These days, customers like to have an instant response, but dropping everything to make sure you’re always available to respond to e-mails isn’t always ideal. Automated messaging lets customers know that someone is working on their query, giving them the level of service they expect while allowing you to focus on other tasks until later.

Online payments

Fewer people are carrying cash, and even more people have busy lives that don’t allow them to pop down to your office. By allowing people to pay online, your profits will increase as more people choose your service due to its ease of use. Businesses that don’t offer online payments are quickly losing out to those that do, so make sure you get on board with this digital change before it’s too late.

Unified communications

Logging in and out of different platforms takes time, especially when you have to remember different passwords. Using one central hub for all communications streamlines the whole process, making you much more productive, so you can spend more time on the important things. You’ll also be more profitable, as you’ll never forget to check certain platforms and miss out on making money.

Synchronise bookings with your calendar

Having bookings sync automatically with your business calendar can be a great help. You’ll never miss a booking again, as no matter what channel it comes through, the data will already be inputted. This saves you time, as you won’t need to set aside part of your day to make these updates. You’ll find your clients will be much more satisfied when you’re always on time, well-prepared, and haven’t double-booked their slot with someone else by accident.

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