Third Party Integrations for Vacation Rentals

Proud to be connected

The challenges and opportunities for today’s Property Management professionals in the Short-Term Rental space are more multifaceted than ever. In addition to being a comprehensive provider in all the core solutions areas of software, websites, and channel management, we are proud to be connected with an impressive list of industry-leading integration partners who help us cater to the All-in-One needs of today’s professionals:

Rentals United

365Villas partners with Rentals United as a channel manager to offer 60 Online travel agents via API connection. The integration gives users real-time integrations for availability, pricing and content.


Our integrated websites are from the latest themes on WordPress. Stand-alone WordPress sites can also be integrated through the WordPress Plug-in. WordPress also allows to plugin different apps to your website.

CSA Travel Protection

US Based users can take advantage of our partnership with CSA Travel Protection which offers your customers a travel insurance plan that can help protect them and their vacation investment, and earn a commission for each sale.


Seamlessly automate the best pricing with Pricelabs revenue management. Also available is a Real-Time Reporting System That Shows Important Vacation Rental KPIs And Listing-Level Performance Data.

Operto Teams

Operto can give users extra functionality in tracking, assigning and automating maintenance issues, scheduling and payroll. Operto can also help user looking to implementing smart locks, thermostats, sensors, and other smart devices.

Check-in Scan

Send the guest registration automatically to the police and get your signed “Registry Form” in an easy, fast and secure way to comply with the legal requirements in Europe.


Improve your guest experience by automating the entire registration process. Once the reservation is confirmed, your guests will receive a link that will lead them to online check-in, where they will complete the registration process. Easy, fast and simple.


Twilio powers personalized interactions through SMS communications to connect you with your guests. Choose a number and store all communication in one guest folders.


Superhog is an intelligent vacation rental guest screening software to determine the true identity of guests that book your properties.

Global Shuttle

An integrated marketplace connecting over 60 payment services available for users all around the world. Users can automate payments and access payment reports

Generali Insurance

Generali Insurance teams up with 365Villas to offer Travel insurance and property damage to all your guests.

WhatsApp Business

With a Whats app business account users are able to send manual and automated messages that thread to a folder for the guest. Easily have all communication recorded in one place.


Our integration with Mailchimp allows you to segment your contact database, create campaigns with different templates and watch your guest interactions with the campaign. It also allows you to store past templates and campaigns.

Online Trust Accounting Plus

Integration with OTA+, (Online Trust Accounting Plus) the industrial strength Trust Accounting solution for Medium and Large enterprise businesses.

Key Data

Experience simplified reporting, delve into comprehensive analyses, and stay updated with real-time insights. Streamline your reporting process to free up time to focus on strategic business growth decisions.

Divi Theme

Divi is a industry-leading wordpress theme that our integrated website are built on. Divi comes with powerful functionality with its built-in page builder which allows for limitless customization and seemless integration with our software.


Our partnership with Breezeway equips our Property Managers with a comprehensive suite of advanced features, encompassing task and inventory management, smart lock code automation, and more.


Beyond has sophisticated algorithms which enable users to have their rates pricing updated in real-time, within user-specified parameters, based on live market data.


YourWelcome is a leading digital guidebook platform offering a premium solution across the entire guest journey.

Property Care

Vacation rental property care & messaging platform unifying property care & guest management.

Enso Connect

365Villas has partnered with Enso Connect to integrate advanced AI technology, enhancing guest communications and lockbox management. This collaboration provides property managers with streamlined interactions and secure access, boosting efficiency and security.

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