The Best Vacation Rental Website Templates for WordPress

Aug 30, 2023 | Vacation Rental Website Design

Are you in search of a hassle-free solution to create a website with WordPress that perfectly showcases your vacation rental properties and boosts your booking numbers?

Allow us to introduce our best vacation rental templates for WordPress: Riviera, Sierra, and Camelot 2.0, developed by 365Villas.

These templates come with the most advanced features for professional property managers.

At 365Villas, we’ve been secretly crafting these powerful features so you can effortlessly transform your vacation rental business with more direct reservations:

  • Revamped Property Slider: Showcasing Your Properties in Style 
  • Integrated Category Search Grid: Easy Navigation 
  • Advanced Search & Filtering Options: Simplify the Reservation Process
  • Discount Promo Functionality: Boost Bookings with Special Offers
  • Saved Property Searches: Simplify Planning
  • The Most Powerful Vacation Rental Templates with Booking Engine
  • Integrated Reviews Page Grid: Build Trust and Credibility
  • Newsletter Opt-in Signup Form: Stay Connected 
  • Social Sharing: effortlessly share pages across platforms

Revamped Property Slider: Showcasing Your Properties in Style

With 365Villas advanced themes, you can now take advantage of the revamped property page slider, specifically designed to showcase your property photos in their best form, regardless of their dimensions.

Say goodbye to unexpected cropping of images to fit the slider dimensions. These website templates designed specifically for the vacation rental industry, display photos at a fixed height with unlimited width.

Whether your photos are portrait, landscape, square, or panoramic, the slider ensures an optimal gallery display that showcases your rentals in all their splendor.

We understand the importance of visual storytelling, and that’s why our vacation rental templates allow you to add captions to your pictures.

These captions gracefully appear below photos during the lightbox slideshow, allowing you to engage potential guests and provide essential information about the properties you manage.

Integrated Category Search Grid: Easy Navigation

Make it effortless for users to find what they’re looking for with the integrated category search grid. Riviera, Sierra, and Camelot 2 templates offer a user-friendly and visual grid that gives users a head-start with their search, making the vacation rental browsing experience a breeze.

The category search grid is seamlessly integrated with the property groups set up within your 365Villas account, ensuring that your guests can easily access relevant categories that match their preferences.

With these vacation rental templates, you have the freedom to customize the grid with your stock or personalized photography, adding a touch of uniqueness that aligns perfectly with your brand and enhances your properties’ visual appeal.

Whether your users are browsing on desktops, tablets, or smartphones, the category search grid displays 4 or 8 categories in a perfectly optimized layout, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience on all devices.

Advanced Search & Filtering Options: Simplify the Reservation Process

Imagine this: A guest visits your site, eager to find their ideal vacation rental from your extensive portfolio. However, they struggle to locate their dream property among the cluttered search results, and frustration takes hold.

Fear not! Thes powerful vacation rental templates with booking engine offers advanced search and filtering options, providing an amenity-driven search capability that allows potential guests to easily find their perfect match based on their desired amenities.

These vacation rental templates also include a full-page map view of your listings, showcasing your portfolio in an attractive and user-friendly manner. People can choose between portfolio grid, list, and map options with default controls, ensuring your website adapts perfectly to each user search preference. 

Discount Promo: Boost Bookings with Special Offers

holiday reservation online

If your booking numbers are not living up to expectations, maybe it’s time to consider offering visually appealing discounts.

These themes’ integrated discount promo functionality lets you create enticing offers and promotions to attract more guests to your properties. With discount tabs displayed on applicable properties in your listings, users can easily visualize the special deals.

What’s more, they introduced a new discounts page that lists all available dates and discounts, providing convenience for your users to find the perfect offer whenever they want to.

To ensure extra visibility, discount dates are marked on availability calendars, making it even simpler for users to identify the best deals.

At checkout, Riviera, Sierra, and Camelot 2 templates automatically apply the best discount if more than one is available, making the booking process hassle-free.

With these vacation rental templates, you can captivate users with irresistible offers, which will result in a higher occupancy rate for your business.

Saved Property Searches: Simplify Planning

With this feature, planning a vacation becomes an enjoyable moment. They can easily save their favorite properties by clicking the new heart icon displayed on each listed property. This allows users to create a personalized list of preferred rentals and come back to make a reservation when they’re ready.

For added convenience, these short-term rental templates show the total number of saved properties in the top bar of your website, keeping your users more engaged and encouraging them to book.

Similar to the discount page, these templates offer a dedicated page where users can view all their ‘liked’ properties in one place, making it effortless for them to access their preferred properties whenever they want.

Thanks to browser cookies, your users’ saved property list is conveniently stored even when they return to your website, ensuring a personalized experience each time.

With these simple yet effective functionalities, our advanced templates streamline potential guest planning, boost engagement, and encourage bookings.

The Most Powerful Vacation Rental Templates with Booking Engine

At 365Villas, we are well aware of the challenges that vacation website builders face, and that’s exactly why we’ve developed these website templates for WordPress. They all offer an enchanting experience that captures your users’ attention from the moment they land on your website.

We’ve taken our clients’ feedback seriously and optimized the process of creating bookings or inquiries, delivering an unrivaled level of seamless convenience for your users, surpassing all other vacation rental management software options.

These powerful holiday rental templates are equipped with advanced booking options right within the reservation quote, providing your users with a transparent view of their booking and enhancing their experience.

From the search to the check-out page and payment processor options, the advanced booking system guarantees greater user satisfaction, ultimately resulting in a higher conversion rate for your vacation rental business.

To provide you with an overview, here’s a compilation of our cutting-edge booking options designed to maximize your vacation rental management business:

  • Length of stay payment requirement
  • Full payment discount 
  • Flex stay option
  • Strict cancellation policy discount
  • Early bird discount
  • Cancellation indemnity 

Integrated Reviews Page Grid: Build Trust and Credibility

customer experience

Trust is crucial in the vacation rental industry, and our templates help you build credibility with an integrated reviews page grid. 

Showcase guest feedback and experiences to instill confidence in new users.

Approve and select your testimonials to display on the dedicated reviews page, ensuring that the best testimonials are highlighted.

Collecting new reviews has never been easier. These vacation rental templates introduce a new type of form, making it simple for guests to leave their feedback and share their experiences.

And for those who love customization, these templates offer the flexibility to style the display of your testimonials with added font, color, and format customizations.

These WordPress templates also empower you to format your review page grid by selecting preferred column widths, allowing you to present your guest feedback in the most appealing and user-friendly manner.

Newsletter Opt-in Signup Form: Stay Connected

Discover the subscription forms with appealing designs, where simplicity meets efficiency. These forms integrate with 19 of the most important email marketing systems, including platforms like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign.

Our advanced templates go beyond the standard newsletter sign-up process with its visual grid, giving users a head-start with their search. This enticing browsing experience enhances guest interaction with your content.

Integrated with the property groups set up within your 365Villas account, Riviera, Sierra, and Camelot 2 ensure that your newsletter signups receive personalized content tailored to their interests, making your communication more relevant and engaging.

Customization takes center stage with the newsletter opt-in form. You have the freedom to customize the grid with your stock or personalized photography, reflecting your unique brand and captivating your audience with visual appeal.

Choose between displaying 4 or 8 categories in the grid, perfectly optimized for all devices. These short-term rental templates ensure that your newsletter sign-up process is optimized for a unique user experience across any device, maximizing the chances of reaching your audience.

Social Sharing: Effortlessly Share Pages Across Platforms

Riviera, Sierra, and Camelot 2.0 are among the most powerful vacation rental templates on the market, and they come equipped with an array of options, allowing you to effortlessly promote your content across various platforms.

With these templates, you can incorporate page-link sharing icons on individual property pages, news/blogs, and special offers posts. Share your content with just one click on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email, SMS, and more.

At 365Villas, customization is at the heart of our design philosophy, which is why we’ve given you the power to customize icon colors for a seamless and cohesive visual experience.

Moreover, you can select your preferred services to be displayed on the initial view of the share dropdown widget, ensuring that your most relevant sharing options are readily available to your audience.

Our top vacation rental website templates boast a universal icon, providing access to a comprehensive list of over 80 available services. With just one click on the universal icon, a convenient pop-up appears, offering your visitors a plethora of sharing choices and making it easy for them to spread the word about your remarkable content.

At 365Villas, we know that your vacation rental website should be more than just a pretty interface. It needs to be easy to build, visually stunning, and packed with useful functionalities. That’s why we created these WordPress templates: to combine a robust booking engine with beautiful design elements.

With our advanced templates, you can showcase your property amenities with ease, customize colors to match your brand identity, and create a unique experience for your users.

A website’s functionality is crucial in driving bookings and enhancing your potential guests’ journey.

That’s why these themes were meticulously crafted to offer not only visually appealing designs but also a hassle-free website-building experience. 

As a vacation rental manager, you need a website that’s an asset, not a burden, and Riviera, Sierra, and Camelot 2.0 deliver just that!

Discover the potential of your website with 365Villas vacation rental templates. Book a free demo today and see for yourself the remarkable impact these WordPress templates can have on your vacation rental business.