Owner Management

A crucial part of a portfolio manager’s business

Yet few PMS providers robustly cater to this vital area.

 With powerful Owner Statements and Owner Login solutions – both customizable, Trust Accounting, and a comprehensive Marketing & CRM module with contact management, owner tags, and the ability to store owner contracts, 365Villas is a Total Solutions Provider in Owner Management.

Customized & Automated Owner Statements

The owner statement is automatically populated with all your bookings and will calculate the property manager’s commission. The commission can be set on the following elements:


Referred to as the total price on the guest’s nightly rate


These can be included in the stay or added as an extra


Property managers can set this as a % or a fixed fee


Taxes are the local, tourist, city taxes, and services tax

Exporting & Sending your Owner Statement

The owner statement is part of a catalog of automated emails that can be formatted with your own branding and using substitution codes. Attached to the email can be included:

Excel Reports

This report updates the owner on the Revenue and Expenses incurred from the bookings that have taken place over the course of the month.

Bookings are broken down with the 4 elements that produce the guest’s final price. As the property manager, you decide which elements to show depending on your arrangements with the owner.

The report also contains all expenses incurred during relevant period, taking into account the booking expenses set in each booking and any manual or recurring expenses that are charged to the owner.

Owner Invoices

The owner invoice will give a summary of all the credit received (total amount from all bookings) and a summary of all the expenses entailed, this will then give the property manager and owner a running balance for the month which is then fed into the trust accounting as the holding balance for the month.

Trust Accounting

Trust accounting can be set up from when you start using 365Villas with the current balance you are holding for the owner, after your first month using the system the running balances from owner statements will automatically update. Trust accounting is another tool to give visibility to the owner on all payment transactions between the property manager and owner for the month in question. The report is formatted like a bank statement showing all bank transactions inserted by the property manager.

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