Integrated Communications Manager

Providing customer service to a high standard is essential to your success – therefore Guest Communications are key

The 365Villas Integrated Communications Manager unifies all your direct and channel based email, text, Airbnb Messenger, and WhatsApp correspondence into a Unified Inbox where everything is purpose-built for the vacation rental management. 

Integrated Communications

Email, texting, Airbnb Messenger, and WhatsApp communications from all your channels come together in one Unified Inbox, which dynamically integrates with the rest of your workflow to deliver industry-best productivity gains for your business.

Integrated Email

SMS Messenger

Airbnb Messenger

Whatsapp Chat

What workflow integration means in practice:

Our unique approach to integrating email and other communication mediums with the rest of your business workflow means more tasks can be automated or managed simultaneously in 365Villas than in other systems. This saves you time, eliminates costly errors, and improves your service quality and response times.

Booking Process Emails

For example, email is integrated in to the following areas of the booking process:


Digitally Signed Rental Agreement & First Payment


Reservation Confirmation & Invoice Receipt


Notification and Tasks for Housekeeping & Check-in Manager


Guest Pre-Arrival Messaging


Check-out Reminder & Thank You and Review Request


Calendars, reports, accounting, agreements, invoices etc are all updated in real-time.

SMS Messenger

With our SMS Messenger generate a new number for your SMS communication and these communications will be stored in the same guest folder.

Airbnb Messenger

Airbnb Messenger works similar to real time live chat for guests who have already booked, it also allows photos to be shared by either party.

WhatsApp Chat

 Whatsapp Messenger for unified mailbox and website contact. (Facebook approved WhatsApp account for business required.)

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