March 2024: 365Villas Vacation Rental Software Developments

Mar 27, 2024 | Software Developments

In the fast-paced world of vacation rentals, standing still is not an option. At 365Villas, we understand the pulse of this industry and the need to constantly innovate to stay ahead.

This March, we’re excited to share with you a suite of updates designed to elevate your Property Management experience. Our focus? A improved inbox that we know needed attention, plus a few more enhancements we couldn’t resist adding.

A Fresh Take on Your Unified Inbox

Enhancing the Unified Inbox Experience

We’ve enhanced the unified inbox you’re familiar with to make it more intuitive and customizable than ever before. Imagine the functionality of your favorite email client, combined with the powerful features of 365 Villas – that’s what we’ve achieved. With a new design, customizable options, and expanded space for composing messages, managing your communications has never been so seamless.

1. Customizable Views: Tailor the inbox experience to perfectly match the unique needs of both you and secondary users. With options to select between icon or label views, display payment icons, and highlight booking dates in the guest folder, every user can craft an inbox that best suits their preferences.

2. Refined Organization: The inbox now features new labels for easier navigation, including a streamlined “Guest folder” for all your active interactions, from quotes to confirmed bookings.

3. Direct Access to Tools: Jump straight to your email templates and automated messages from your inbox, enhancing your efficiency.

Introducing the New Draft Folder

We’ve added a Draft folder to cater to those moments when crafting the perfect message takes a bit more time, or you might get interrupted by other tasks. With auto-save features and the ability to save drafts, you can ensure no message is ever lost again.

Enhanced Email Composer Experience

Our email composer has received a significant upgrade:

  • Enjoy a larger composing area for an optimal writing experience.
  • CC and BCC fields are now always accessible, with the option to hide them if preferred.
  • Activate spell-check with a single click.
  • Easily add images to your emails with drag-and-drop or copy-paste functionality.

For those who prefer to see the improvements in action, please check out the video below:

We Want Your Feedback!

We’re considering introducing an email threading feature in your inquiry and third-party folder and would love to hear your thoughts. While it could streamline communication, we’re cautious about maintaining the integrity of the booking process. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Domain Customization

Last month, we introduced the ability to use your domain for all guest communications, a feature that adds a professional flair to your interactions. If you haven’t yet explored this option, we encourage you to do so and elevate your brand’s presence.

Updated Airbnb Reservation Import Method

Our importation process for Airbnb reservations will transition to displaying the gross rent in the “rent” field, inclusive of the channel fee payable to Airbnb. 

This adjustment ensures a uniform presentation and analysis across all booking channels, aligning Airbnb with the standardized treatment of other platforms. The shift from net to gross rent aims to facilitate a clearer understanding of financials, especially during tax breakdown reviews for both hosts and guests.

These updates will be automatically implemented across all accounts starting April 2nd, requiring no manual action from your side. 

The seamless integration of this information into the owner statement will be maintained, consistent with your established commission settings.

Adapting to Airbnb’s New Property Name Length Rules

To comply with Airbnb’s updated guidelines, properties with names exceeding 50 characters will be marked as “incomplete”. This change ensures your listings remain visible and attractive to potential guests.

What’s Next?

We’re not stopping here! Keep an eye out for our upcoming QuickBooks and Xero integrations. Plus, get ready for the Guest App addition.