Unlock New Revenue Streams with Innovative Long-Stay Logic

Apr 16, 2024 | 365Villas News, Property Management Software, Software Developments

At 365Villas, we’re proud to unveil our latest innovation, ‘Long-Stay Logic’, a feature marking a pivotal shift in the vacation rental industry, influenced by recent global events. This development is underscored by a statement from Airbnb’s CEO, Brian Chesky, in a recent article, hinting at “what could be the biggest update to Airbnb ever,” as they plan a strategic move into longer-term housing rentals next year.

Vacation Rental Industry Shifts

This shift was highlighted again by Chesky, who shared plans with The Financial Times for Airbnb’s strategic move into longer-term housing rentals, reflecting the growing demand for accommodations suited for remote work and prolonged stays.

This development, backed by data showing 18% of Airbnb’s total bookings in the second quarter were for stays of over 30 days, underscores the significant, yet largely untapped, market potential for extended stay options.

Quickly adapting to market changes

Our agility and innovative drive at 365Villas, coupled with our status as a fully independent company, have allowed us to quickly adapt to these market changes and create the Long-Stay Logic. This innovative feature enables property managers to effortlessly navigate between short-term and extended stays, greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of vacation rental management.

The introduction of Long-Stay Logic has captured attention far and wide, earning recognition from distinguished publications including eGlobal Travel Media, Travel Daily Media, Travolution, Short Term Rentalz, Travelistthe New Club and Hospitality Tech.

Addressing the technological challenges in existing property management software systems

For the first time, property managers can effortlessly bridge the gap between short and extended stays, broadening their market reach to include the serviced apartment sector and welcoming aparthotel operators into the vacation rental realm. This capability is particularly crucial as the demand for extended stays grows, a trend that the broader hospitality sector has begun to embrace, but one that has been slower to catch on in the traditional vacation rental industry due to technological limitations in existing property management software systems.

‘Long-Stay Logic’ addresses these challenges head-on, managing payment structures for stays of varying lengths with unmatched financial flexibility. This ensures vacation rentals can compete directly with serviced apartments, all within a unified property management system (PMS).

Long-Stay Logic provides managers with the versatile tools needed for all types of stay

Dave Payette, our CEO and founder, has been a driving force in this development. He believes strongly in the evolution of property management software from asset-specific tools to comprehensive, integrated platforms. “Long-Stay Logic provides managers with the versatile tools needed for all types of stays, streamlining operations and unlocking new market segments,” he asserts. This approach not only maximizes property utilization throughout the year but also optimizes revenue across seasons.

By integrating Long-Stay Logic into your strategy, you can cater not just to traditional vacationers but also to emerging markets like digital nomads and remote workers, aligning with the shift towards workations and fulfilling the diverse needs of modern travelers.

The introduction of Long-Stay Logic sets a new standard in property management, simplifying operations while opening doors to the expanding market of long-term rentals. With enhanced payment processing features, 365Villas is poised to lead the industry with the most advanced and dynamic payment solutions available.

How to take advantage of Long-Stay Logic

Experience how our integrated suite of solutions can transform your property management operations. Book a demo with us today and explore the unique opportunities Long-Stay Logic brings to your business, paving the way for new revenue streams in property management.