January 2024: 365Villas Vacation Rental Software Developments

Jan 30, 2024 | Software Developments

We kickstart the year at 365Villas with a dedication to elevating your experience through our Property Management Software. Today, we’re excited to introduce the latest enhancements, exclusive to the January updates, designed to enrich your property management journey.

1. Unified Accounting Module – Elevating Financial Management:

We’re dedicated to becoming the industry leader in accounting, specifically for vacation property managers, and this update is a significant step in that direction.

We’ve reshaped our accounting module to serve property owners and managers worldwide, introducing a range of enhancements that will elevate your financial management.

  • Introducing a meticulously structured profit and loss statement tailored exclusively for property managers.
  • Easily incorporate external revenue sources into your financial ecosystem.
  • Streamlined handling of recurring expenses, ensuring financial efficiency.
  • Simplify your workflow with the ability to upload expenses directly from Excel.
  • Enhanced capabilities for managing cancellations and retained funds for damages, ensuring financial stability.

This enhancement brings unprecedented ease and efficiency to your property management journey.

365Villas Software Accounting Page
2. New Fields in the Info and Rules Tab:

We’ve added some new fields in those Info and Rules tabs, accessible from the guest instruction page:

Wifi Related Fields: You can define your wifi Name, Password, and instructions. These will be pushed to integrators and can be used as Short Codes in your email templates and automated messages.

Trash & Recycling Information: Describe to your guests how they should dispose of waste during their stay. This information will also be pushed to integrators and can be used as Short Codes in your email templates and automated messages.

365Villas Software Property Settings House Passwords
3. Simplified Taxes and Service Pages:

We simplified the taxes and services page. It is now easier to define if Airbnb collects certain taxes for you and to decide if you wish to send certain services to the channels or apply them only to direct bookings.

365Villas Software Property Settings Page
4. Improved WhatsApp and text messaging:

In response to your feedback, we’ve made significant improvements to our WhatsApp and text messaging feature. Previously, messages from confirmed guests were received in 365Villas, as they were associated with a client folder. However, messages from unfamiliar numbers went unnoticed due to the absence of a client folder.

We’ve addressed this limitation. You can now receive and view messages from any WhatsApp number within 365Villas. This ensures that no important communication goes unnoticed, providing you with greater flexibility and control over guest communications.

Enhanced Vrbo and Airbnb Inquiries Capabilities:

We enhanced the integration with Vrbo and Airbnb by pulling inquiries and booking requests directly into 365Villas. Whether a guest sends an information request from Airbnb or Vrbo, you can now see it directly in your inquiries folder, respond, send a request to book, or a special offer—all without leaving 365Villas.

365Villas Software Messenger Page


We are thrilled to share a pivotal development with you: our brand-new integration with Breezeaway.

This integration marks a significant milestone for Property Managers, providing you with a host of advanced features that are truly significant, including housekeeping and maintenance task management, inventory management, smart lock code automation, and more.

This two-way integration streamlines property and reservation data exchange.

365Viilas Breezeway Integration

These updates are aimed at empowering you to manage your properties more effectively and deliver exceptional guest experiences. We’re committed to continuing to improve and innovate our software to meet your evolving needs.

If you are a 365Villas user and have any questions related to these updates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team or book a free Demo here if you’d like to learn how 365Villas could assist you in enhancing the management of your vacation properties.