How can you benefit from vacation rental channel management?

Apr 20, 2019 | Property Management Software

Modern properties are hard to manage, in no small part due to the demands of an always-on culture. This has led many rental professionals to turn to high-tech solutions such as property management software from 365Villas in an attempt to increase their exposure, reduce their overall effort, and help future-proof their business against oncoming change.

But what is vacation rental channel management, and how can it be so effective when it comes to coordinating your rentals?

What is channel management?

Born in the high-tech era of property rental, a dedicated channel manager is an online tool for property owners that lets them manage their property from a single point of interaction. These sites allow you to list your property across a number of partner websites and manage your home through a simple interface, letting you take advantage of the enhanced functionality of modern rental property software with little effort. With the Calendar Plus feature from 365villas, you can also manage all your channel communications with the two-way Calendar Sync.

How can it help?

Streamlined access: Providing a single point of entry means that you can manage your letting across a number of sites without managing passwords, access, or profiles. This allows you to elegantly perform essential tasks such as booking, scheduling, or administration, without having to repeat your actions across multiple pages.

Save time and effort: Many channel management platforms will simplify or automate your account generation, saving you days of effort researching and registering with sites. This automation also allows you to manage bookings and messaging, enjoy an integrated payment solution when handling bookings, and improve your overall property website design.

Saving money: The cost of going through a channel manager can often be quickly mitigated by an increase in representation across a range of rental platforms and an ability to quickly respond to questions and queries. Simply joining a channel management platform will allow you to secure a presence on a number of platforms at a fraction of the effort.

Metricisation: Planning how and when to market your property can be immensely challenging. Choosing a channel manager empowers you to capture and analyse key data about your property and advertise accordingly. A solid system will allow you to source qualitative feedback and empirical data that can be extracted for future analysis.

Enhanced functionality: 365villas’ Calendar Manager is a fully integrated Channel Manager tool, and it extends the functionality of Calendar Plus by incorporating the Rentals United platform.

What do I do now?

If you want to learn about the advantages of siding with a qualified, professional channel management service, you can get in touch with our team directly and let us know exactly what you need. Or, if you want to test-drive our software to see if it is the right fit for you, you can book an online demo session and see if 365Villas is the right fit for your business.