How to Get the Most Out of Your Property Management Software

Mar 10, 2019 | Property Management Software

For many property managers, landlords and individual owners, property software is considered a must for the modern vacation rental business. It controls and automates tasks such as handling reservations and communicating with guests. Naturally, you will want to maximise your use of rental property management software to enjoy great value for money, among other promised benefits.

The capabilities and features of good software may always be evolving but there are means for maintaining the ease of operation while ensuring a positive experience for guests. We have listed some of them below:

Manage your reservations

If you own several holiday rental properties, property management software can effortlessly manage all your quotes and bookings in a single location. You won’t have to stress about updating your listings every now and then to reflect availability whenever a booking is made. This helps to ensure that your guests will see real-time information about the availability of your listings.

See payment statuses

Property software can also automate most of the payment management processes. There are different tools available in the software that you can use to keep you fully informed of payment schedules and statuses. By simply logging in, you will be able to see a real-time report of your property’s financial information, making property administration a breeze.

Communicate with guests

As holiday rental properties expect on-demand customer service, it will be beneficial to your business if you can respond promptly to enquiries. Instead of employing more staff, property software can automatically generate messages to your clients. It can handle enquiries within seconds with its detailed quotes, custom agreements and personalised emails. It will not only increase your productivity, it can also reduce your overhead costs, as you don’t need to hire extra personnel.

Allow online payments

This feature enables your guests to pay using any major credit card, as part of their online booking on your website or from the emails you sent them. Property software like 365 Villas are integrated with, Stripe, Paypal, PayFort and PayGate.

Furnish your business report

A business requires professional reporting. Property management software can provide you reports on bookings, taxes, commissions, housekeeping, maintenance and more. It allows you to easily download files, keeping you updated with your business.

365 Villas offer holiday rental software and services to make management easier and more profitable for everyone. Whether you’re an individual owner, small portfolio manager or large agent we have a bespoke plan for you. Contact us today to start your business with us!