February 2024: 365Villas Vacation Rental Software Developments

Feb 29, 2024 | Software Developments

This February, 365Villas is excited to share a suite of new features and integrations designed to enhance your property management experience and elevate guest satisfaction. Let’s explore what’s new and how these updates can transform your vacation rental business.

New Integration for Your External Email:

We’ve implemented a new feature that allows you to use your external email address directly within our platform. This means your communications with guests will now carry your unique brand identity, straight from your own domain, without limitations! We took the necessary time to address the intricate challenges and potential issues associated with sending emails from a domain not hosted on the same server as the application. Please see the tutorial video below and visit your email setting page to start the setup.

Email Configuration Settings
Key Highlights:
  • Seamless integration of your branded email in the email settings page.
  • A user-friendly setup wizard to guide you through the process.
  • Applicable for every team member with a 365Villas account.

More on our Enhanced Accounting Implementation

Since deploying our newly enhanced Accounting module earlier this month your feedback has been fantastic! We’ve also had excellent media coverage here, here and here. Once again, our goal is to be the undisputed leader among PMS providers offering accounting solutions for property managers. Your inputs are critical and we are pleased to inform you that we have already implemented most of the new suggestions we received. These include the following: 

  • Revenue Organizer: You can now organize non-booking related revenue you add to the system in custom categories, just like with expenses. 
  • Expense Filters: As a number of you requested it, we have removed the property groupings on the filter here and reverted back to simply using the search feature and basic property drop-down to select your desired property for allocating expenses. You said the groupings were slowing you down and creating an extra step, so we addressed this!
  • Commission Calculations: Some of you noted apparent discrepancies between the Commission Report and the commissions line-item in the new Profit Loss Report. This is because the calculation methods were different. (See below.)
  • New Accounting Calculation Feature: To address the above and give you added flexibility more generally, we’ve added a new dropdown feature which lets you decide whether you want to prorate your booking financial data by day or allocate it all on the check-in day. Most will do the latter for their books because it is simpler, but the former helps you see a more literal view of revenue and expense activity. The dropdown exists on all your accounting reports. Change it in one place and it will change your selection everywhere. Change it back anywhere and it will change back everywhere.  Use it interchangeably on demand anytime:
Accounting Area Filters

Given the complexities involved and the mission critical nature of accounting, we are absolutely delighted that the migration we implemented earlier this month went so smoothly and that we have been able to incorporate and address the initial feedback we received in short order. We welcome more feedback from you to help us achieve our goal of providing the vacation rental industry’s best integrated accounting solution.  

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve implemented new filters in the accounting section, allowing you to specify how revenues are allocated—either on the check-in day or prorated across the booking’s duration. This ensures consistency in your financial reporting and simplifies your accounting management.

A Fresh Look for Reservation and Communications

Starting in the first week of March, experience a refreshed version of our reservation manager and emails, featuring:

  • Increased space and a cleaner layout for a more intuitive navigation experience.
  • New, easy-to-understand icons.
  • Enhanced customization options, allowing you to choose what information is displayed, such as payment statuses.
  • An innovative email composer and draft functionality, making digital communication as easy as if you were on your computer.

Introducing New Integrations

Following last month’s exciting integration with Breezeway, we are thrilled to introduce you to our latest integration partners:


We’re proud to announce our integration with YourWelcome, a UK-based company that provides smart tablets for vacation rentals. These tablets serve as digital guidebooks and transactional portals, offering:

  • Property guides in video, image, or text formats.
  • The ability to sell services directly through the tablet.
  •  Connection to the local area with free guides and recommendations.
  • Enhanced guest feedback mechanisms.
  • Each subscription includes a free tablet, with replacements covered at no extra cost.


Meet our newest integration partner, PropertyCare.com, a platform dedicated to scheduling and managing cleaning, maintenance, and compliance tasks. Features include:

  • A single calendar view for bookings, tasks, and property status.
  • Automated scheduling of turnover cleans.
  • A drag & drop interface for easy task management.
  • In-field apps for cleaning and maintenance teams to receive task lists and updates.
  • Automated compliance task management, crucial for markets with stringent regulatory requirements.

What’s Next?

In March, 365Villas is set to roll out new features aimed at enhancing the user interface and overall experience. 

These updates include a more spacious and cleaner layout for easier navigation, new intuitive icons for quick access, customizable options for tailored visibility of features such as payment icons, a completely revamped email composer for desktop-like email management, and a new draft functionality to save and refine communications before sending. 

These improvements are designed to streamline property management tasks, making the platform even more user-friendly and efficient.

Ready to See These Features in Action?

If you’re intrigued by our February updates and eager to see how 365Villas can elevate your vacation rental management, we invite you to book a free Demo. Discover firsthand how our latest innovations can streamline your operations, improve guest experiences, and boost your business’s success.