Reports & Analytics Features for Vacation Rentals

Business Reports

365Villas generates all your reports for you, from quotes and bookings to taxes, commissions, housekeeping, maintenance and more. It allows you to customize views, make edits, add notes, and easily share information by downloading to Excel or directly printing or emailing. For creating your own fully customized reports, use our Dynamic Report Builder.

Dynamic Report Builder

The Dynamic Report Builder is a unique feature in 365Villas that lets you create custom report formats for business management, accounting, and housekeeping. Choose the data points you want to track and how the columns are arranged. It also allows for customizable filters and detailed inline editing for most fields, giving you complete control over your reporting.

Owner Statements

Owner statements are automatically generated, freeing up a significant amount of your time. You can customize them to fit your needs, controlling what information is shown.

Performance Analytics

An extensive array of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are graphically presented with powerful filters that help you get to the heart of what’s working in your business and what’s not and how to fix it.