Property Management Features for Vacation Rentals

Reservation Manager

Manage all your quotes and bookings in a single place. Effortlessly progress transactions through the various booking and payment statuses.

Our Reservation Manager unifies your front and back-office efforts by intelligently integrating previously separate work streams into one joined up workflow, giving you unbeatable control over your operation.

Payment Manager

Flexibly customize and automate payment methods and policies, making payment management failsafe and easy.

The 365villas Payment Manager makes monitoring and managing payments easy. Payment status icons, reminders, and reports keep you fully informed of payment schedules and statuses so you’ll never have to worry about a missed payment or forgotten damage deposit refund again.

Advanced Payments

Make collecting payments even more automated with advanced options for Stripe and

This bolt-on option enables automatic recording of payments, auto-debiting of scheduled payments, card payment holds, and debits and refunds on-demand, all from your 365Villas account.

Inquiry Management

Handle inquiries in seconds with detailed quotes, custom agreements and personalized emails.

Generate detailed quotes, dynamic rental agreements, and customized responses with online payment buttons on-demand. Unlimited email templates, customizable short-codes, and built-in visual editor are all included as standard.

Rental Agreements

Enjoy all the benefits of professional, fully customized rental agreements with none of the work.

365 generates agreements instantly and automatically files and updates them whenever there’s a material change.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Create unique login profiles for individual housekeepers, maintenance personnel and local check-in managers.

Permissions are purpose-built for each role. Simply assign the relevant properties per user profile. Dedicated automated messages let you notify staff of scheduled, pending, changed or canceled jobs automatically via email.

Dynamic Pricing

This powerful bolt-on comes with two revenue-generating features, Lead-Time and Gap-Date Pricing.

Lead-Time Pricing lets you automate increasingly aggressive discounting per your parameters as lead-time to fill your properties gets shorter. Gap-Date Pricing enables you to make dates that don’t meet your minimum stay requirements open up on your calendars if they are sandwiched between to bookings and otherwise unable to be booked.