Communication Features for Vacation Rentals

Unified Communications

Much more than just a Unified Inbox, our purpose-built email offers powerful functionality which generic email platforms simply can’t provide.

Crucially, it integrates your workflow in ways which deliver twice the productivity gains of competing systems. Users can also use their external email accounts in conjunction with 365Villas.

Email Templates

Extensive scenario-based templates are fully stocked with content for use out of the box.

Create and store an unlimited number of customized templates. Configure ‘Pay Now’ buttons, Digital Signature links, social media icons, attachments, and your own stylized professional graphics as desired.

Automated Messaging

We have automated messages for virtually any occasion. What you automate is up to you.
Each has default content you can use straight out of the box or tailor to your specific requirements. A master dashboard lets you centrally administer your automation settings.

Auto Responder

Why wake up with inquiries to answer when you can wake up to inquiries answered and answered inquiries booked?
Reduce your workload and increases conversions with automated, sophisticated responses to inbound inquiries from your 365 website – with detailed quotes, personalized emails, custom rental agreements, online payment options and more. Run it 24/7 or just when you are offline. 

Quote Chaser

The Quote Chaser eliminates work and increases conversion by sending follow-up messages to prospects who haven’t replied to quotes you’ve sent.
This 365villas original feature increases conversion rates by systematically sending a set number of pre-set follow-ups if prospects don’t respond to your quote. Once they do, the Quote Chaser stops. You configure the messaging schedule and number of attempts.

Arrival Form

Request additional information from guests prior to arrival.
A simple online experience where guests provide any info you require, such as photo ID, estimated arrival times, and special preferences. You provide any special instructions or advice. Automation helps throughout.