Communication Features for Vacation Rentals

Unified Communications

Experience seamless communication with our Unified Inbox. This feature not only saves time but also ensures prompt responses to guests, boosting satisfaction and efficiency. Our separate Integrated Communications feature also lets you directly integrate our Unified Inbox with Airbnb and Vrbo Messenger platforms, WhatsApp, and text messaging.

Email Templates

We have a big selection of ready-to-use templates filled with content that you can use right away. You can change them and save your own versions, or make as many new custom templates as you need.

Automated Messaging

You can choose from a variety of automatic messages for different needs. Use them as they are or change them to fit what you want.


The Auto-responder responds automatically to inbound inquiries from your 365Villas website with detailed quotes, personalized emails, custom rental agreements, and online payment options. Run it 24/7 or just when you are off-line.

Quote Chaser

The Quote Chaser in 365Villas enhances conversion rates by sending personalized follow-up messages automatically to prospects who haven’t replied to your quote. You decide when the sequence ends or it stops automatically upon the prospect’s response.

Arrival Form

Collect guest information online, including photo ID, estimated arrival times, and preferences, and provide special instructions seamlessly.