Simplifying Check-Ins: Check-in Scan and 365Villas Integration

Sep 5, 2023 | Integrations

We’ve successfully upgraded our connection with Check-in Scan from iCal to API to eliminate delays and duplicated data entry. Used extensively in Portugal and Spain, Check-in Scan compiles and sends guest information to local authorities, guaranteeing a seamless process that saves you time.

In property management, time cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, the process of manually inputting guest information during check-ins can be a real drain on resources.

Effortless Check-ins with a Click

The integration of Check-in Scan and 365Villas offers a clever fix for the check-in process. No longer tedious and manual, data input is now a streamlined, hassle-free experience. How does it work? Guest information is effortlessly transferred, enabling property managers to allocate their time to tasks of greater importance.

Saving Time and Simplifying Tasks

The integration of Check-in Scan and 365Villas also reduces the need for a back-and-forth between systems, an efficiency that saves property managers time  – time that can be used to enhance the guest experience and grow your business, since spending less time on admin tasks means more time dedicated to making each guest’s stay exceptional.

Accurate and Error-Free

Additionally, with the seamless integration of Check-in Scan and 365Villas, accuracy becomes a priority. Guest info can be now easily transferred, reducing errors for a smooth, trustworthy experience both for property managers and guests.

An Enhanced Guest Experience

At 365Villas, recognizing the significance of guest satisfaction for property management success, we’ve streamlined tasks for property managers and enhanced the guest experience through the Check-In Scan and 365Villas integration. Fast check-ins help guests start their stay promptly and create a positive first impression. Hence, simplifying this step in the guests journey immediately improves their satisfaction for property managers like yourself.

Simple Setup, Quick Results

Setting up the integration is straightforward. With a few simple steps, you can initiate smoother check-ins. And the benefits are immediate – once the integration is active, the saved time and improved processes become clear. Besides, making the transition is smooth and straightforward.

Exceptional Customer Support

We are aware that new processes raise questions. Thus, our dedicated account managers are available to assist you every step of the way. From setup guidance to addressing concerns, they will ensure that you can make the most of the integration with ease.

Apart from making check-ins easier, the Check-in Scan and 365Villas integration offers convenience, and time savings, while enhancing the guest experience. Your journey to a more efficient property management experience begins now: Make the switch today and experience firsthand the practical advantages of effortless check-ins.