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Over 60 Channel Connections

Our in-house channel manager is integrated with over 60 industry-leading OTAs, including all major brands. We also have a direct integration with Rentals United.

Channel Manager

Sync rates, calendars, and listings with your choice of over 60 industry-leading channels, including Airbnb,, Vrbo, Google and Expedia brands. This separate option fully integrates with your 365Villas software so you can manage everything in one place. All billing and support are done under one roof with 365Villas. 

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Channel Manager Lite

At half the price of Channel Manager, this option gives you direct connectivity to Airbnb and Vrbo, and most Vrbo brands. It’s ideal for small to medium property managers who primarily rely on these industry giants and don’t mind using calendar sync for smaller channels. Starting with the Lite option now and expand to the full Channel Manager later is also possible.

365Villas Pricing Option

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Channel Manager Benefits

Streamlined access

Say goodbye to multiple logins. With a channel manager you don’t have to manage listings on different sites. Almost everything can be done from 365Villas.

Save time & effort

While only one of many benefits, the reduction in work in not having to manage multiple listings pays for the cost of channel manager several times over by itself.

Business growth

Streamlined distribution maximizes market coverage, helps optimize occupancy and pricing, and frees up time for other revenue and profit generating activities.

Data insight

Marketing properties can be challenging. A channel manager helps with qualitative feedback and empirical data for highly effective analysis.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to use a channel manager?

No. While a strategic imperative for many, the channel manager is a separate paid option. Calendar sync is free with our software and can suffice for those with smaller portfolios or more limited needs.

How do 365Villas and Rentals United options differ?

Both integrate your 365Villas software account with over 60 channels including all the global brands. With our option, billing and support are done through us.

Can I mark-up rates to cover commissions?

Yes. Settings controls let you bundle channel commissions with your guest pricing.

Do I have to create multiple listings?

No. Multi-channel distribution means you simply create and manage your listings in 365Villas and the channel manager does the rest of the work for you.

Is there a 5-property minimum?

No. This is a common industry limitation, but our channel manager can connect most users from 1 property on up to any of our 60 channels.

How does billing work with small portfolios?

As with our software, the annual plan is required for those with less than 10 properties.

Are there monthly and annual options?

Yes, but whichever plan you choose for our software will also apply to the channel manager.


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