Scaling Success: Valcambre's 400% Growth with 365Villas


365Villas has helped us mainly with the volume aspect of our business. With your technology, we were able to manage around 165 properties as easily as we would manage 40, enabling us to achieve a remarkable growth rate of 400%. 365Villas’ support was crucial for us to handle this huge growth. Without it, it would have been challenging to organize the workload for so many properties on a daily basis, even with many more employees.

Isaías Rodríguez Sánchez

Managing Partner at Valcambre



Valcambre, a prominent family-owned property management company based in Seville, Spain, committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring total satisfaction for clients and guests, faced significant challenges in its vacation rental management business, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With a team of passionate professionals fluent in multiple languages, Valcambre offers a wide range of fully equipped apartments in the best areas of Seville, aiming to make every stay unforgettable. 

After thorough research and comparison, Valcambre determined that 365Villas was the most suitable property management software (PMS) provider for their requirements. Valcambre’s implementation of 365Villas’ comprehensive PMS solutions has transformed their vacation rental management operations, enabling them to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable brand awareness and growth.

This case study delves into Valcambre’s journey and highlights how 365Villas has played a pivotal role in driving its 400% growth, improving its business performance, and positioning Valcambre as a prominent player in the industry.

Valcambre Vacation stay


When selecting the ideal Property Management Software for their vacation rental management business, Valcambre faced very specific requirements, including:


Brand Awareness and Direct Bookings

Valcambre heavily depended on third-party channels for bookings, which limited its brand exposure and reduced direct bookings. Hence, they sought a solution that would empower them to effectively showcase their portfolio, increase brand awareness, and build stronger relationships with guests and property owners.


Payment Settlement Process

The manual process of generating invoices and tracking payments was time-consuming and prone to errors. Valcambre lacked a streamlined payment settlement system that could help them enhance financial management.


Organizing Cleaning Tasks and Check-ins

Valcambre struggled with effectively organizing cleaning tasks and check-ins, resulting in miscommunication and potential guest dissatisfaction. The lack of clear cleaning reports and checklists hindered effective coordination, particularly when managing a large number of properties as its business started to grow.


365Villas emerged as the ideal solution for Valcambre due to its range of key features and benefits that effectively addressed specific challenges, including:

Website Solutions for Brand Awareness

365Villas’ fully Integrated Website Solutions enabled Valcambre to quickly get up and running on a high-impact website that would be easy to administer for the long term.  Valcambre’s new website is user-friendly, and visually appealing website, which enabled them to effectively showcase the properties they manage, thereby increasing brand awareness, and reducing reliance on third-party channels. As a result, direct online bookings and payments saw a significant rise, contributing to the overall growth of the business.

Streamlined Payment Settlement

With the billing capabilities of 365Villas, the payment settlement process with property owners was simplified. Generating invoices and tracking payments became more efficient, saving time and effort for Valcambre’s team.

To further optimize their revenue, AJF Dream Living implemented Pricelabs, a third-party pricing optimization tool also integrated with 365Villas. This integration allowed them to set optimal pricing for their properties based on market demand, such as during peak seasons, among other factors.

Cleaning Tasks and Check-in Management

365Villas’ PMS solution provided Valcambre with clear cleaning reports and checklists, streamlining the organization and efficiency of cleaning tasks. This enhanced process resulted in a seamless check-in experience for guests, significantly improving overall satisfaction.


Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Valcambre achieved remarkable growth and success following the implementation of 365Villas:

Significant Portfolio Expansion

Valcambre’s property portfolio experienced significant growth, increasing from 40 properties to an impressive 165 properties within a span of two years, This represents an exceptional growth rate of 400%, showcasing Valcambre’s ability to scale and adapt to market conditions with the support of 365Villas.  This achievement was particularly notable during the challenging period of the pandemic and beyond.  


Growth Rate

Increased Brand Awareness and Direct Bookings

365Villas’ Website Solutions played a pivotal role in significantly increasing Valcambre’s brand awareness. Their new visually attractive website and its user-friendly interface have effectively captured the attention of a wider audience, ultimately leading to a significant increase in website effectiveness and direct bookings. Valcambre’s strategic decision to reduce reliance on third-party channels has not only expanded its customer base but also facilitated overall business growth and profitability, establishing them as a prominent player in the industry.

Streamlined Operations for an Enhanced Guest Experience

Valcambre understands that providing a superior guest experience is crucial to its success. With the comprehensive features offered by 365Villas’ software solutions, Valcambre was able to streamline its operations effectively. The efficient management of cleaning tasks and check-ins resulted in improved efficiency, organization, and ultimately, an enhanced guest experience. By consistently delivering exceptional service and ensuring guest satisfaction, Valcambre aims to foster guest loyalty and drive positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Enhanced Financial Management

The automated payment settlement features of 365Villas have transformed the billing process for property owners, generating high levels of satisfaction. With its user-friendly interface and efficient functionality, Valcambre has been able to simplify and streamline payment settlements, ensuring prompt and seamless transactions. This streamlined approach has not only enhanced financial management but also strengthened the bond between Valcambre and the property owners of their portfolio, cultivating trust and satisfaction.



The collaboration between Valcambre and 365Villas has resulted in transformative results for the company. By implementing 365Villas’ comprehensive property management software solutions, Valcambre successfully overcame challenges, experienced substantial growth, and positioned itself for future success. With streamlined operations, improved financial management, increased brand awareness, and a strong focus on delivering exceptional guest experience, Valcambre has emerged as a leader in the Spanish vacation rental market.

The ongoing partnership with 365Villas continues to empower Valcambre to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of vacation rental management. By leveraging the ongoing support and features offered by 365Villas, Valcambre is well-positioned for further growth and expansion in the future. They intend to optimize their operations, expand into other regions and markets, provide complementary services, and enhance guest experiences to ensure continued success.

Searching for a trusted and effective PMS to enhance your vacation rental business? Discover how 365Villas, the preferred choice for Valcambre and other vacation rental businesses in over 60 countries, can help you achieve greater brand awareness, drive direct bookings, and enjoy a range of other benefits that will transform your operations.

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