Case Study: Almarina Villas
"Our growth is more than 100% each year since we use 365Villas."

How many properties do you have and where are they located?

Almarina Villas manage 30 luxury or unique properties in The Costa Blanca, Spain.

What unique aspects make your property stand out and what is your target market?

The vast majority of our villas have sea views and are walking distance to the beach and services.  In addition, we put a lot of emphasis on their decoration and unique elements such as jacuzzi, sauna, sports facilities, special swimming pool, luxury barbeque, gym, etc.  On top of this, we offer extras to make the guests stay unique such as a personal chef, massage, baby sitters and a variety of outdoor activities to make the guest stay memorable.

Which Property Management Systems (PMS) have you used previously, and why didn’t they meet your needs?

I previously used a PMS developed internally. Unless the company investment and management time developed was very high, the PMS had programming errors and did not meet all our needs.

What inspired you to switch to 365Villas for managing your properties

I realised it is more intelligent and productive to focus on providing the best service to your guests and leave the software development to a very professional software development company as 365Villas. 

Which features of 365Villas do you find most beneficial, and how have they contributed to your business growth?

The best for me is how robust and bug-free the 365 platform is and how well it is integrated with the 365 web and the external channels.

Could you share any statistics or growth percentages since integrating 365Villas into your operations?

How would you rate your experience with the onboarding process and ongoing support from 365Villas?

The onboard process is very professional and clear. It was very useful to receive a video of each session to review each session when necessary. 

As an experienced Property Manager, what are the biggest challenges you face in your role?

Transmitting an always positive and helpful approach with anyone involved with the company and being at the same time productive, balanced and nice.

What advice would you offer to someone new to the property management industry?

Have real passion and be genuine in the will to provide a unique experience to your guests. If you really care about your guests, they give you back this care by coming back, recommending you and leaving nice reviews in your web and external channels. 

What strategies do you plan to implement to continue your growth in the near future?

I would highlight on our strategy the projects focused on the guest stay experience. The properties must be excellent but the activities and experiences during the stay make the guest come back and recommend as genuine fans.  Another strategic area that I wish to highlight is the standardisation of low value processes with 365Villas so as to be able to free our team to have a more personal approach in the real interaction in critical processes such as the villa selection or the customisation of their villa experience. 

Click here to visit Almarina Villas website.

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