How 365Villas Has Powered AJF Dream Living's Channel Success


I couldn’t live without 365Villas. It’s an excellent platform. Once you have set it up, it starts maximizing the revenue you get from your properties.

Joakim Franzén

Property Owner of AJF Dream Living

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AJF Dream Living is a property management company based in Sweden that manages several vacation rental properties across various online booking channels, including and Airbnb. AJF Dream Living had a property manager running the business but Joakim, the property owner, wanted to increase his bookings and manage things himself to decrease costs. To do that he did some research on Channel Managers but realized the importance of Property Management Software. Rentals United proposed to Joakim a few PMS partners they worked with to help him find a total solution. After comparing competitors through demos, AJF Dream Living determined that the level of connection offered by 365Villas was superior.


AJF Dream Living had specific requirements when choosing a Property Management System for their vacation rental properties. They encountered various challenges during their search for the ideal PMS solution, which included:


Rentals United, their preferred channel manager, had a minimum requirement for new clients, which AJF Dream Living at the time did not meet. This led them to explore alternative integration options as they needed a solution for channel management as well as property management system features.


AJF Dream Living needed a solution for efficient payment management to handle payments from various channels and their website more effectively.


Additionally, AJF Dream Living incurred additional costs in the form of a 10% commission paid to an external dedicated booking agent hired by them, which further reduced their overall profit margin. Despite this, Joakim’s assistance for certain tasks was still required.

Furthermore, Joakim quickly recognized the need to centralize the management of property content to channels, pricing, and a master calendar to avoid using the extranet for each channel. He also realized the importance of having more sales tools to attract new direct bookings and a system to efficiently enter manual bookings. Joakim was determined to streamline processes and reduce manual tasks to improve efficiency, and he eagerly searched for a Property Management System that could automate tasks and payments, helping AJF Dream Living succeed in the competitive vacation rental market.


AJF Dream Living chose 365Villas as its PMS due to its integration with Rentals United and 365Villas’ automated payment management features. They found the onboarding process of 365Villas helpful and quick as it made it easy for AJF Dream Living to adopt the platform from the beginning. Plus, our PMS provided them with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features that met their needs.

One of the main features AJF Dream Living found beneficial since implementing 365Villas was the Advanced Payment Manager since it has helped them streamline their payment process, saving them time and effort ever since. With 365Villas, AJF Dream Living was able to extend the automated payment process to their own website, while also benefiting from Performance Analytics to analyze financial performance, revenue from channels, management of inquiries, and new trends. This streamlined payment management allowed them to minimize manual payment tasks and optimize their overall financial operations.

To further optimize their revenue, AJF Dream Living implemented Pricelabs, a third-party pricing optimization tool also integrated with 365Villas. This integration allowed them to set optimal pricing for their properties based on market demand, such as during peak seasons, among other factors.


Since implementing 365Villas as its PMS, AJF Dream Living has improved its operations and revenue management. While the seamless integration with Rentals United has allowed them to manage their bookings from different channels more efficiently, the automated 365Villas’ payment management features have saved them time and effort in handling payments. Moreover, our integration with Pricelabs has helped them optimize their pricing strategy, ultimately increasing their bookings and revenue.

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Increase in revenue

AJF Dream Living has seen a remarkable increase in revenue, with booking revenue soaring by 50-60% after implementing 365Villas and integrating with Rentals United and Pricelabs. The optimized pricing strategy offered by Pricelabs has resulted in higher occupancy rates and increased nightly rates, particularly during the high season, leading to a substantial boost in revenue.

Moreover, the Advanced Payment Manager bolt-on of 365Villas has streamlined their cash flow by automating the payment process and ensuring timely payments from the booking source. This seamless integration has further improved their financial operations and contributed to their success in the vacation rental market.


The success story of AJF Dream Living with 365Villas highlights the positive impact of choosing the right Property Management System when using a channel manager for vacation rental property management. The seamless integration with Rentals United, valuable bolt-on tools like our Advanced Payment Manager, and 365Villas’ integration with Pricelabs have optimized AJF Dream Living’s operations and revenue management, leading to a significant increase in booking revenue by 50-60%. By automating payment processes, optimizing pricing strategies, and efficiently managing bookings from multiple channels, AJF Dream Living has seen remarkable improvements in its revenue and overall business performance.

Furthermore, 365Villas understands that choosing a property management system that meets specific business requirements and integrates seamlessly with other systems is critical to succeeding in the vacation rental property management industry. The success of AJF Dream Living with 365Villas demonstrates how the right technology solution can positively impact a vacation rental property management business, leading to increased revenue and improved operations.

If you’re seeking a reliable and efficient PMS for your vacation rental business, consider 365Villas as a proven solution that has delivered tangible results for AJF Dream Living and many other vacation rental businesses across the globe.

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