365Villas partners with Breezeway to help streamline operations

Feb 13, 2024 | Integrations

In recent years, vacation rental management has evolved beyond traditional methods.

Property Managers are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations and provide an enhanced experience for both guests and property owners.

Recognizing this shift, 365Villas has dedicatedly pursued the development of a groundbreaking integration, aiming to launch the year on a high note.

The Power of Breezeway: Supercharge Your Property Management Business

The partnership with Breezeway will equip our Property Managers with a comprehensive suite of advanced features, encompassing task and inventory management, smart lock code automation, and more, all thoughtfully designed to address the contemporary requirements of the vacation rental industry.

To give you a glimpse into the exciting advantages awaiting 365Villas users, here are some standout features:

Intelligent Task Management

Optimize task allocation based on Property Manager settings, enhancing productivity.

Property Managers can now schedule maintenance and cleaning tasks with numerous advanced functionalities. 

Prepare for a streamlined operation as it automates workflows and optimizes job assignments, ensuring that tasks are seamlessly allocated to the appropriate team members precisely when needed, with automatic real-time updates effortlessly communicated.

Automated Smart Lock Codes

One of the most exciting aspects of the 365Villas and Breezeway integration is the ability to offer secure smart lock automations for Property Managers. 

Breezeway’s system is integrated with companies like PointCentral and DormaKaba, which install and activate smart locks. 

With the current trend favoring smart locks and a growing demand for efficient property management solutions, this feature has become a must-have for most Property Managers. It offers guests the convenience they seek, cost-effectiveness, and fulfills the strong preference of many for a swift and seamless check-in experience.

This integration allows Property Managers to automatically generate unique smart lockbox codes for each booking, strengthening security by ensuring distinct access codes for different guests.

It also streamlines the check-in process, making it more efficient and guaranteeing your guests have a seamless and trouble-free entry experience at your rental properties.

Mastering Asset and Inventory Management

Property Managers like you now have the ability to maintain better oversight of essential supplies, including cleaning items, toiletries, and more. Additionally, you can proactively monitor property conditions to ensure everything stays in pristine condition.

This innovative solution goes beyond cost management and efficient time allocation; it also significantly enhances the guest experience by ensuring that every property is consistently stocked and well-maintained.

Optimizing workforce management

365Villas integration with Breezeway takes task allocation to a whole new level, intelligently assigning tasks to staff members and optimizing workforce management.

You can benefit from real-time visibility, enabling you to closely monitor progress, adapt assignments in response to last-minute changes, and swiftly address any emerging issues.

This ensures that properties are consistently clean, well-maintained, and always ready for guest check-ins.

Digital Welcome Book

Guests can now access essential instructions and property information more conveniently than ever before.

This includes customized entry and departure instructions, travel tips, house rules, safety instructions, and other helpful guidance.

This digital guide is designed to enhance the guest experience by providing all necessary information in a user-friendly and accessible format.

Media Recognition

Our recent integration has garnered attention from notable media outlets in the travel and technology sectors. Coverage from Global Travel Media, Travolution, Travel Daily News, and Hospitality Technology highlights the innovative aspects of our solution and its potential impact on the industry. These esteemed publications recognize the significance of our integration in enhancing travel experiences and operational efficiency, underscoring our commitment to innovation and excellence in serving our customers.

Key Takeaways

The integration between 365Villas and Breezeway marks a pivotal moment for our valued Property Managers.

With its array of advanced features, including task management, automated smart locks, asset and inventory oversight, workforce optimization, and a user-friendly digital welcome book, this integration sets a new standard in the vacation rental industry.

We invite you to discover the incredible features available for your short-term rental business by booking a free Demo today.