Vacation Rental Booking Engine

Integrate our Booking System with your website without a hitch

Availability calendars and online bookings are modern elegant and highly functional.

Both come in a range of formats and colours and can be easily and freely embedded into your own website from your 365villas software.

Our online booking leads the way for it’s reliability, simple three-step process, and it’s sophisticated functionalities. Search logic and property details can be integrated as well. All 365villas plugins are mobile responsive..

365 villas Booking Engine with display on monitor

Booking Engine

This refers to our extensive collection of availability calendars, online booking and property logic you can push from your 365 account to your stand-alone website using HTML integration. All our Booking Engine assets are fully mobile responsive.

365villas Availability Calendar on an ipad

Availability Calendar

We offer several availability calendar designs and formats to choose from. You have total flexibility over color-schemes and placement on your site.

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Online Booking

As per our availability calendars you have a number of different options available to you. Our online booking is a fully streamlined 3-step process that makes it super easy for prospects to book. You can flexibly incorporate any mandatory and optional services, and easily integrate our digital signature and payment solutions into the process.

property info and description of a website

Property Information

As part of our Booking Engine suite, your property rates and policies can be integrated straight to your website from your 365 account. What you display is up to you. It’s all configurable, whether its rates, taxes, services, payment methods and policies.

ipad opening a website of search

Search Engine

In addition to our Booking Engine suite, we offer HTML-based Search Engine integration as an extra option. Our search feature logic is configurable and offers both color and format controls. Together with our Booking Engine, the 365 search engine offers a quick and easy way to bring a static website to life.

365villas All Properties Calendar

All Properties Calendar

Whether inside your account as a management tool, or on your site as a consolidated place where prospects can quickly peruse availability by property, property group and across your portfolio. 365villas users and their guests love our All Properties Calendar.

API Integration

Optional API access, offers more seamless integration than HTML-based Booking Engine and Search Engine integration. Limits will depend only on you and your web developer. Benefits include customizing functionality, integrating 365 logic with your own custom designed calendars, booking and search graphics, having precise control over the design and placement of property information, and the ability to generate new property pages instantly straight from your 365 account as your portfolio grows. Custom API integration offers the potential to integrate your own stand-alone website as seamlessly as a website provided by 365villas, but in ways that are more tailored to your specific requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is a vacation rental Booking Engine?

A vacation rental website with Booking Engine is a specialized software solution that integrates into your vacation rental website, enabling guests to make secure and immediate online reservations. 

This powerful tool automates the booking process, allowing potential guests to view real-time availability, select their desired dates, and complete their booking without leaving your website. 

The Booking Engine manages the reservation workflow from start to finish, including calendar synchronization, payment processing, and automatic confirmation emails to guests. It serves as a critical component for direct bookings, eliminating the need for manual reservation management and reducing dependency on third-party booking platforms. 

By providing a smooth, intuitive booking experience, a Booking Engine can significantly enhance guest satisfaction, increase occupancy rates, and boost revenue. 

Moreover, it offers Property Managers greater control over their bookings, pricing strategies, and guest interactions, enabling more personalized service and tailored marketing efforts. Finding a website builder with booking system is a strategic investment in the operational efficiency and competitiveness of a vacation rental business.

Why do I need a vacation rental Booking Engine?

A website builder with booking system is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it facilitates direct bookings, enabling guests to reserve your property without intermediaries, which can significantly reduce commission costs associated with third-party booking sites. 

Direct bookings offer you greater control over the guest experience, from initial inquiry through checkout, allowing for personalized communication and services that can enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty. 

A Booking Engine also streamlines the reservation process, automating availability updates, payment processing, and booking confirmations, which reduces the administrative workload and minimizes the risk of overbooking. 

Moreover, offering a secure and user-friendly booking process directly on your website can increase conversion rates, as guests appreciate the convenience and immediacy of booking their stay without redirection to external platforms. 

Having a PMS with a powerful Booking Engine ultimately leads to increased revenue, improved operational efficiency, and a stronger brand presence in the competitive vacation rental market.

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How does a vacation rental Booking Engine work?

A vacation rental Booking Engine works by integrating with your property’s website, providing a seamless and efficient online booking system for guests. Here’s how it typically operates:

  • Real-time Availability: The Booking Engine displays up-to-date availability based on your property’s reservation calendar, allowing guests to choose their desired dates for their stay.
  • Selection and Customization: Guests can select their dates, view available properties or rooms, choose any additional services or amenities offered, and see the total cost of their stay.
  • Secure Booking Process: The guest enters their personal and payment information into the secure booking form. The Booking Engine processes the payment through a secure gateway, ensuring data privacy and security.
  • Confirmation: Once the booking is complete, the Booking Engine automatically updates the property’s availability calendar to reflect the new reservation and sends a confirmation email to the guest, providing all the necessary details about their stay.
  • Integration: The Booking Engine integrates with other systems like Vacation Rental Property Management Software (PMS) and Channel Managers, ensuring all bookings from different sources are synchronized.
Why should I choose 365Villas Booking Engine?
365Villas booking engine is not only extremely powerful but also intricately integrated with other critical areas of the software. This integrated architecture stands as one of the most crucial aspects for its optimal functionality, ensuring that every component of our system works in harmony to provide a seamless experience for both property managers and guests.

Beyond this robust integration, we distinguish ourselves from competitors with our offering of five distinct booking engine suites. This unparalleled variety is something our competitors likely can’t match, and it plays a pivotal role in providing flexibility to property managers.

These suites allow for customization to match different brands and styles, offering property managers the freedom to select an option that best aligns with their unique preferences and the aesthetic of their properties.

For those seeking further advancements, our Enhanced Online Booking significantly enriches the booking process, offering the potential to substantially boost revenue.

This feature is designed to make our booking engine even more beneficial by offering guests more flexibility in their booking options. It allows for customizable stays, including flexible check-in and check-out times, varied length of stays, and the ability to choose from different cancellation policies. This level of customization offers guests the convenience and peace of mind they seek when booking online.

Moreover, the Enhanced Online Booking feature enables Property Managers to offer early bird discounts and apply additional fees for extra services, creating opportunities for increased revenue.

These advanced features are a clear indicator of our dedication to innovation and providing our clients with tools that not only meet but exceed the capabilities of what’s currently available in the market.

Furthermore, our advancements have been recognized and featured in different industry-leading media publications, highlighting the advanced features we offer and affirming our position at the forefront of vacation rental management solutions.

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