An Intro to the Channel Management Process

Jun 24, 2019 | 365Villas News

Do you run your own vacation rental business? Do you find it difficult managing several rental properties at the same time? Perhaps it’s difficult to keep track of when a property is available and when it can be booked. If these are common concerns for you, then you will most definitely benefit from using Channel Manager property software. Unsure of what this is? Well, below, we share with you our introduction to the channel management process.

What exactly is channel management?

Never heard of channel management? Then don’t worry, as this software is fairly new yet revolutionary for the hospitality industry. Simply put, a Channel Manager is software that will manage all of your business channels. These may include updating rates, availability, new rentals, and listings. It does all of this on any selected channel so that the information is kept in one easy-to-read and manageable place.

How does Channel Manager software work?

Channel Manager software works directly with any existing rental property management software. Working in real-time, it will update any data about availability or room rates so that potential customers get informative and up-to-date information about any booking they wish to make. This information can be relayed to all of your sales channels.

What our Channel Manager can do for you

When you have a 365Villas account, Channel Manager will synchronise all listings and rates for you. You can also create new listings very quickly and in mass. Channel Manager is quick and easy to set up with Rentals United, which will connect your chosen channels.

How it can help you

No matter how big your rental business is or how many rental properties you own, you will benefit from using a channel manager. There will be increased consistency and increased revenue. If you advertise your properties on more than one sales channel, then this will help to create a more efficient business while freeing up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

365Villas offers a range of property management software solutions to help you run your business more smoothly while giving you that much-needed extra time to spend with family and friends. To learn more about our rental property management software and how Channel Manager can help you and your business, simply get in touch with us today.