5 New Features We Are Excited To Tell You About

Mar 27, 2018 | 365Villas News, Property Management Software

365villas is a cloud-based platform that helps radically reduce your and make a lot more money from your short- stay rental business. As pioneers in Property Management Software (PMS), we work daily with agents like you from around the world to deliver the best and latest feature functionality to meet your evolving business needs.

Here are some of our features that can make your business better and your life simpler.

1) E-mail integration
365villas flexibly integrates e-mail closely with the whole reservation management processes and all your tools and channels. This enables up to 50% more in productivity gains compared with other providers and prevents up to 95% of human errors. Lost e-mails, missed messages, miscommunications, cut-and-paste errors, time spent creating messages, searching for lost ones, and flipping between pages or different tools, not to mention administering contact information and logging in and out of different channel interfaces are all reasons why “stand-alone e-mail” is sub-optimal for your business. 365 solves all these problems.

2) Owner’s Statement and Login
Owners can log in to a tailored experience to see their property performance, allowing you to manage different owner needs. Here as an agent you can give owners partitioned access to their account information. What they see is configurable by you. Best of all, fully detailed owner statements, which are also customisable can be generated in a single click.

3) Proper Business Management
Making things run smoothly means you’re manually updating your quotes and bookings with every change. But these are time consuming manual tasks, especially when you’ve got to make a number of updates in multiple places on a daily basis. What about getting your taxes done? All the administrative and accounting tools you might need are built-in with 365. Reports can be customized through powerful filters and downloaded into excel instantly. Crucially, you won’t have do any of the tedious updating you’re doing right now, ever again. Each time there’s a change to a quote or booking your reports (just like your calendars) are updated automatically, leaving you the time to build your business income.

4) Flexible ways to sync
With you entire business controlled from one single intuitive dashboard, you can generate as many inquiries as you like from any channel and handle all of them with the same lightning speed and professionalism. With our powerful Channel Manager calendar you can sync your listings including not just your calendars, but photos, rates and seasons. With iCal sync at your finger tips, your listing site calendars are automatically kept right up to date for you, so you’ll never have to log in to your listing site accounts to update the calendars again.

5) Rental Agreement
Raise professionalism, while permanently eliminating the need to manually create, proof-read, or amend rental agreements. You can upload your own standard rental agreement or attach case by case agreements to mails. 365villas can also generate customized agreements for you automatically to make things even easier.

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