365Villas Cutting-Edge Booking Options for Property Managers 

Oct 10, 2023 | Software Developments

In the ever-evolving world of vacation rentals, staying ahead of the curve is paramount.

Enter 365Villas, the pioneering vacation rental management software provider, armed with a new suite of groundbreaking online booking tools. As recognized by Travolution, Travel Daily News, Hospitality Technology and Global Travel Media, these innovative features position 365Villas as an industry leader and empower property managers to not only increase profits but also provide guests with a wealth of choices, all while maintaining absolute control.

Flex-Stay: Leveling the playing field between Independent Property Managers and Large Hotels

At the heart of 365Villas new suite of direct-booking features lies its groundbreaking Flex-Stay option, lauded by several media for its transformative impact on the vacation rental landscape.

Picture this: property managers have the power to customize their booking experience like never before, while you gain more business, more credibility, and more profit for enabling this:

  • Set your premium (that’s the extra fee guests pay for flexibility).
  • Decide how many times guests can adjust their stay dates.
  • Specify a notice period for date changes – this helps ensure you leave enough lead-time to fill the aborted dates with another booking.
  • Create a time limit for date changes – perfect for making sure bookings and business are concluded within your preferred timeframe.

But here’s the real magic – all of this seamlessly integrates into your property management system and your website’s on-line booking process, making your both day-to-day operations and your guest booking experience smoother than a tropical breeze.

Payment Options Tailored for You

365Villas new payment policy options are the most flexible and comprehensive  in the industry. Whether you operate in the traditional vacation rental arena, city stays space, serviced apartments, small hotels or a combination thereof, you can customize your payment policies to your unique needs. Here are just a few examples:

  • Payment schedules: Flexibly design any payment schedule you wish, with full control over payment milestones and deposit due dates. Need more than two stages of payments or automated scenario-based policy overrides, all of this is possible. 
  • Length-of-Stay Payment Requirement: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all payments. Offer staged payments during the guest’s stay for longer or indefinite stays, while continuing to collect payment in full prior to arrival for shorter stays.
  • Full Payment Discount: Keep staged payment policies to encourage more guests to book while sweetening the deal with discounts to entice those who want to to pay in full up-front, thereby locking in funds from the get-go.

Cancellation Policies That Work 

Our Vacation Rental Management Software gives you the upper hand when it comes to cancellation policies:

  • Cancellation Indemnity: Got a strict cancellation policy? No problem. Offer guests more flexibility in exchange for a premium, boosting your revenue and keeping everyone happy.
  • Strict Cancellation Policy Discount: If your policies are already lenient, secure a commitment from guests to forgo refunds in exchange for a tempting discount.

Early-Bird Perks

With the Early-Bird Discount feature, you can lure guests in with irresistible deals for booking in advance. It’s your secret weapon for attracting savvy travelers, adapting your pricing strategy, and maximizing your revenue.

In a nutshell, 365Villas advanced online booking options make vacation rental management an adventure.

By simplifying complex processes and putting the reins firmly in the hands of property managers, 365Villas ensures an exciting and profitable journey through the world of vacation rentals for professional property managers. 

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